Monday, September 19, 2005

Who is better able to philosophize? The young or the old?

The Republic of Plato contains many philosophies and the philosophers who create them. The philosophers of the Republic of Plato express in depth interpretations of the world that reveal their amazing intelligence. These interpretations are argued and rebuttled, especially by one philosopher named Socrates. Socrates refutes many of the arguments stated by Polemarchus and Thrasymachus in book one, and typically asks them questions to either correct their argument or lead them on the correct path of knowledge. The Republic of Plato has presented these conversations that reveal the character and knowledge of the philosophers of the time. But still an interesting question can be derived from this book. Who can philosophize best? The young or the old? The conversations of Plato have given many hints to find the correct solution to this question.Philosophers have developed their opinions, beliefs, and knowledge of reality throughout their lives. Typically these philosophers have developed their principles over time. They have been educated over many years to develop into wise philosophers. Socrates, describes In book one the value of learning from others. “Thrasymachus: Here is the wisdom of socretes; unwilling himself to teach, he goes around learning from others, and does not give any thanks to them. Socrates: When you say I learn from others, you speak the truth Thrasymachus; but when you say I do not make full payment in thanks, you lie. This conversation between Thrasymachus and Socrates takes place In the middle of book one, which is merely one argument of how socretes has obtained his great intellect. This conversation shows that even a great philosopher such as Socrates learns from others, which takes many years of life, that many philosophers have experienced.Philosophers have always been diverse, from ethnicity and race, to age. The most important element that reveals the abilities of all philosophers is age. Age defines the experience of ones life, which creates educated and wise philosophers. Age has allowed the great philosophers of the past to pursue the investigations of the modern world, with much experience of life and its values. Typically long life means more educated human beings, more interactions with the world, and a greater amount of time which to ponder the concepts or reality. This greater amount of time has allowed philosophers of the past to become much more of an influence on the world.But, Young philosophers have a unique quality which separates themselves from old philosophers. This quality is a modern mind that can relate with present situations and events. A young philosopher also is typically more recently educated than an old philosopher, even though the old learn throughout their lives. Recent education can mean meaningful wisdom. This wisdom could mean better intelligence of the modern methods and reality, which plays a role in the investigations of all philosophers. This quality is useful to create new positions and opinions of philosophers, which can bring new ideas into the world. But in terms of productiveness and value, these young philosophers cannot match the experience of life and the world that these old philosophers have used.Many old philosophers have taken the time to research and discover many important thing of this world, while investigating which has developed their knowledgeable opinions. The time lived by these philosophers has allowed them to investigate reality and the world constantly which makes for more educated opinions and thoughts. Experiencing many things is a task that must be completed to become a great philosopher. To succeed as a philosopher you must develop wisdom and intellect, which consumes much time in ones life. Young philosophers typically haven’t been privileged enough with time and experience to do so which limits their comprehension to the ideas, of someone such as Socrates. After reading book one of The Republic of Plato, and using basic logic I have come to the solution that older philosophers are best prepared. They have experienced time, and many more things that would make them better fit to philosophize compared to the youth. The idea of time was forever important to shape the ideas of great philosophers.


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