Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Realization of the galaxy

Nick LaClair

Book Seven of The Republic of Plato clearly illustrates the classic metaphor of someone being blinded from reality, and then revealed to a unfamiliar new world. We see this as the subjects have lived in the cave their entire life, completely uninfluenced by any true reality. They are restrained, and stare straight ahead only able to see the shadows from the figures in back of them illuminated by fire. These subjects witness these shadows and interpret them as the true reality, blinded by the cave and its darkness. We see in book seven this metaphor has become quite famous even in the big budget film industry.
The allegory of the cave has become a very popular metaphor used in many hit movies that form a appealing and exciting plot. These movies have in fact become so popular that many of them lye at the top of the charts. Men in Black was released in 1997 containing that famous metaphor.
Men in Black is the story of one secret agency blinding the world from alien activity on the planet earth. The people of earth think they live in a reality modeled after ours today, but in fact, like the allegory of the cave, what the people know to be reality isn’t the truth. This agency affectively assigns jobs and disguises to the aliens so they are able to blend into the real world. These aliens live and work among humans silently, completely undetected to the people of Earth. So what these people really know to be true, a society of humans interacting with each other having absolutely no knowledge of alien existence and of active planets, becomes completely incorrect when a character named Jay discovers the truth. Jay has been nominated to become a agent of the Men in Black because he is the “best of the best” of the LAPD. He becomes Agent J and is introduced to this reality, when he sees stick like aliens drinking and serving coffee sitting in the Men in Black lounge. It is at this point when he realizes that everything he has known, like the subjects of the cave, is nothing of the truth. Similar to the people of the cave, who exit absolutely stunned and blinded by the light, fascinated by reality, agent J is speechless and stunned. It seems as if the agency The Men in Black acts as the restraints similar to those of The Republic which bound the subject of the cave down only able to look straight ahead. It also seems that the people of the earth are blinded by the truth and are only able to look one direction, which is enforced by MIB. The Allegory of the cave is affectively used in Men in Black to show one story of a man released from the cave and let out into the real world to discover the vastness and beauty of it.


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