Monday, November 07, 2005

The tyrannical men of the world

Nick LaClair
The tyrannical man is clearly depicted in the beginning of Book IX. This tyrannical man is shown as carrying out criminal acts, which primarily are described as sleeping with your mother and murder. These are the lawless desires described that lye within the tyrannical man. These desires are described by Socrates to have existed within us for eternity, and it is just a simple matter of which who will dream these unlawful desires at night and who will let these desires emerge during the day in reality. Socrates’ analysis of the tyrannical man relate to much of what we interpret today as tyranny, as well as his beliefs of isolating these figures from the city even though its declared as part of an inevitable cycle. Murder represents much of what our judicial system is trying to prevent today. Just as Socrates declares this action obviously as unlawful, we do as well. The tyrannical man is born in our society today just as he was in the time of Socrates.
The analysis of becoming this tyrannical man is very similar to the processes we know today. First this tyrannical man is born from a father of democracy. This father of democracy contains these unlawful desires but keeps them bottled up, and the lawful decisions along with love are planted upon the son. This love is described as a type of drone by Socrates the initiates the sons will for tyranny. By this time the household cannot bring their son back into the light, because he is motivated by the very same element that the household has depended on which eventually creates a transition along the cycle to tyranny. This man then begins to love the relishes of life, and see the world through a comodification lens, and begins to borrow money which he cannot pay back. When he doesn’t pay back his debts, he doesn’t receive any more borrowing privileges. The situation of this man needing to borrow money drives him mad as he is forced to use physical actions to succeed in grasping his unlawful desires. These physical actions then lead to the most unlawful things known to Socrates, which includes murder.
The transformation into a tyrannical man is seen in all areas of the United States. We see this transformation in all types of households which drive the sons of democracy mad and into tyranny. There always is a “mutant”, one born of different genetics that basically represents a person that looks nothing like their parents. In this situation, the mutant has become the tyrannical man. This man is not only motivated to perform his unlawful desires by love and the traditions of his household, but also by the common luck of the draw. The luck of the draw is heavily influenced by the cycle of government. The inevitable cycle cannot by stopped. We know this. Even in the perfect city multiple flocculation’s will occur and it would be impossible to maintain a aristocratic state. These mutants which are the tyrannical men pop up in all places even in our society today, born in democratic houses and are driven to unlawful actions by the very values the house and family was built upon. These unique men existed in the time of Socrates and will continue to exist for eternity.


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